Lance Ippolito

Lance Ippolito is a trading educator at InTheMoneyTrading.com where he actively trades stocks and options. Developing trading strategies focusing on institutional order flow, volume confirmation breakouts, and market internals to guide his trading.
Lance began his career as an analyst for various investments funds and for Citigroup’s Global Markets. Shortly after, Lance Ippolito started trading for a hedge fund before venturing off to Costa Rica leading to Lance trading his own capital. A firm believer in education, mentorship, and a stable support system his goal is to help others achieve their trading goals.

Gavin Crockett

Gavin is currently a senior at The University of Tampa pursuing degrees in Finance and Accounting. After starting starting his equity research late in High School, he found he wanted to continue his passion and pursue a career in finding the best possible investments. During his time at UT, he won competitions which consisted of Financial Analysis and Equities Research.
While studying at school, Gavin has also been on the Ice Hockey team since his freshman year and has attended the ACHA National Tournament twice since then. Gavin ┬áhas previously served as Vice President for two years and is now the President; he uses his competitive nature to make the most of his research and investing strategies. He is also a part of the Beta Alpha Psi and UT’s Investment Banking Society and will use his experience to create great opportunities in the future.